Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am sort of proud of myself right now. Another chapter of my lastest short story is almost completed and it's so great that I can finally write and not get distracted. I can sometimes lose track of my progress as im going, but eventually I find my place again. There are still some points in the story that are a little sketchy. I try my best to make it sound realistic, but when I reread  the words back to myself, it doesn't sound like a great story. Myabe thats why I procrastinate with my writing. I guess im kind of scared in a way. Im too scared to actually start writing because im afraid that it won't sound right. How do I write a story that actually seems worthy of being read? So it doesnt seem like a ten year old wrote it. I guess the only thing to do for right now is to continue writing to the best of my ability and hope that when somebody actually reads it, I can be more proud of myself.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I sat down and started thinking about all the stories I have on hold on my computer...So I went onto all my files and realized that I need to change my writing habits. I hate having stories that have the potential to be so good, but I never can get anywhere with them. I probably have over a dozen stories in progress and I can't write a single sentence to save my life. I really need help. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New idea

So...I got a new idea for a story today. I called it Halo. Based off of the song by Beyonce. I like naming my stories after songs that I like. I also use lyrics in that song as the title of the chapters. Its a great way to incorporate music in my writings. So it involves two things that I absolutely love. This story, though, is different from all of the other ones that I have come up with. When this idea popped in my head, I had all the details immediately as opposed to every other story having to be all thought out. In a way though, I'm kind of excited to start this story. Hope people read it when I finally decide to post it on Fanfiction.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Time

I've never had a blog before, so please bear with me. Im not really sure how this is supposed to work. Let me just start by saying that I love to write stories.  I do have a problem when it comes to writing them, however. Usually I tend to take a long time to even be able to get a sentence out. When it comes to creating a plot for a story, it's easy for me. But when I have to actually sit down and put my crazy thoughts to paper, I don't know where to start. Even the character profiles are difficult for me because I like to have my characters each have one quality thats unique, stands out and sets them apart in the story. I'm trying to focus more on getting my ideas out there so if anybody has any advice for me...I'm all ears.