Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I sat down and started thinking about all the stories I have on hold on my computer...So I went onto all my files and realized that I need to change my writing habits. I hate having stories that have the potential to be so good, but I never can get anywhere with them. I probably have over a dozen stories in progress and I can't write a single sentence to save my life. I really need help. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

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  1. Hey Jaelyn,

    Something that really helped me deal with my "writing clutter" was downloading some story writing software. I chose Storybook, which is 100% free to download (I Google'd it). It's a great tool to help you organize all the thoughts in your head and turn them into actual work. I was getting really overwhelmed with the details and all the junk in my head, it really helped to clear all that stuff out and get down to business--writing! I think it might help you as well. Another free software option (if you don't like Storybook) is yWriter5. It is also free, but has a different scheme and layout. If you have a Mac, Scrivener is AMAZING (although not free).

    Good luck with your story, and I can't wait to see what your draft looks like next week. I'm psyched to see what everyone comes up with--and a little nervous to put a story out there--but at least we're all in this together!